Our Approach

Utilizing local materials, regional influence, and connection to the site, Brechbuhler Architects integrates these elements to design a comfortable, rich, and inviting home.     

Steel, Glass, Wood, Stone

These four elements create the pallet from which we work. 

Regional and Natural Forms

The west has an abundance of design influences, both built and natural. Brechbuhler Architects pulls from these elements, a shed roof on a barn or a jagged peak, to influence the design of a home. 

Connection to Site

Connecting the home to the site is paramount. We analyze views, understand topography and climate, and site the home appropriately. 


We involve ourselves completely into the project because it is what we love to do. Andrew states, “Brechbuhler Architects is a firm that enjoys working with clients to define a home that enhances the place and experiences of their lives. The great joy is speaking with clients  after they move in and having them express their love of the home. That is incredibly rewarding.”


We work hard to be your lead on the challenging and rewarding venture from initial design through construction. With a team in place, we have the opportunity to take a decision intense process and make it straightforward and enjoyable.


A well run team is key to ensure success in the project. The Client will get an immense value from the combined efforts and knowledge from the Design and Construction team. Team members include:

Owner—Architect—General Contractor—Interior Designer—Consultants


The team makes every effort to maintain transparent communication to ensure mutual trust, comfort, and understanding. 


Architectural Services



  • Programming – written definition of the home and its spaces and amenities
  • Site Analysis
  • Schematic Floor Plans, Elevations, Site Plan


  • Further development of Floor Plans, Exterior Elevations
  • Begin Structure Analysis and Building Sections
  • Spaces modeled in 3D for visualization and material selections


  • Documents used by Contractor to bid and build from
  • Full set of drawings including any consultant drawings


  • Contractor(s) is distributed required drawings, Architect assists in information dispersion
  • Cost analysis and re-bidding if necessary


  • Site Visits to review construction process
  • Site meetings with Owner, Photos posted for Owner Review
  • Supplemental drawings during building construction
  • Answer construction questions when necessary
  • Review Contractor Pay Applications and approve with Owner (Owner/Contractor Contract dependent)
  • Final Walk through and Punch List - Confirmation of Final Completion